The “New Hope Project” is located in Kibera, Nairobi’s biggest slum. In this self-help project, ladies produce embroidery on aprons, cushions, table cloth etc.

Nairobi’s biggest slum, Kibera, hosts up to one million people. Kibera is congested with small tin-roofed mud-houses; sometimes 6-8 people live in one room.

Dirt, poor sanitation, scarce water and electricity supply, deadly sicknesses, roaming gangs, house lootings and sudden eruption of tribal clashes make life in Kibera a constant struggle.

With 50-60% unemployment, most women are destitute and left alone to care for their children and themselves. As a result many slip into prostitution and other shady businesses. Is it therefore surprising that HIV/AIDS statistics keep rising every year?

Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, many are industrious and try to make ends meet by running little shops, businesses or projects. Some of these efforts are supported by outside organisations. The “New Hope Project” is one of these self-help projects in the slum.

At present, about 30 ladies take part in the New Hope Project. They have the opportunity to learn tailoring skills and can sit for an acknowledged government exam which enables them to seek work or start their own business in tailoring. They also embroider blouses, cushion covers, tablecloths and other linens which are sold so that they can provide for their families.

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