Life Challenge Africa (LCA) is a ministry seeking contact with all Christians who desire to obey Christ regarding the Great Commission and are willing to reach Muslims for Christ in a specific area. We pray that God may enable us to co-ordinate a network of Christian witness to Muslims all over the continent. We endeavour to help form a work strategy and a resource centre which can supply the needed information, training and tools (literature, audio and video tapes etc.).

The purpose and aim of Life Challenge Africa (LCA) is to challenge and motivate the evangelical Christians of Africa, individually and collectively, in the churches, missions and parachurch organisations of Sub-Sahara Africa, to extend their evangelistic effort to the Muslim population within their reach. We endeavour to provide all Christians, who are eager and willing to witness to Muslims, with the needed special knowledge and evangelistic tools.

New publication

Ben Naja. And You Will Be A Blessing Handbook for workers among people of other cultures
2009, 151 pages This handbook will guide the keen learner in becoming a blessing to people of cultures other than those of our familiar Christian context. We are challenged to give birth to new fellowships of faith in places where there are few believers and hardly any church structures. The book covers a broad spectrum of vital issues, like
  • The biblical mandate
  • Successes and failures of the Church
  • Communication with and without words
  • The big invitation: decision time
  • Growing as followers of Christ
  • Multiplying fellowships of faith

Ben Naja has worked for many years in places known to be hard and resistant to the gospel, mostly on the African continent. Together with his fellow worker Mussa Syi they have experienced how God used them to become a blessing to many seekers. He now serves as a travelling trainer-encourager-mentor among a number of gospel workers and tentmakers throughout Africa.